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    Welcome to Hostility's Shoutbox! You can chat here and talk about anything you want, just don't get carried away. We've made a list of content that you should try and keep out of the shoutbox:
    #1 Swearing and offensive language is allowed and is okay, but try not to get to carried away.
    #2 Racist and sexist remarks and comments are so NOT cool, so try not to be a r00d d00d.
    #3 Do NOT spam or repeat the same message twice, and try to keep the chat clean and clear and easy to read and moderate, ya dig?
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  1. HOSTILITY Official

    1. HOSTILITY News

      This is where any news or things we think you should know will be posted.

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    2. Account and Support

      This is where you can find help and answers to any questions you may have about our crappy little community.

    3. Feedback and Discussion

      This is where you can provide any feedback and discuss Hostility.

  2. HOSTILITY Courthouse

    1. Applications

      Submit your applications here!

    2. Appeals

      Have you been banned or punished and thought it was unjust? This is where you can fight it!

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    3. Abuse Reports

      Have you been the victim of aboose? Have you witnessed a player or staff member breaking one of the rules? Well this is where you can report it!

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  3. Lodge

    1. General

      This is where you can talk about your new cat.

    2. Gaming

      Wanna talk about some videya games? Well that has it's place here!

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    3. R00d D00d area

      This is a place for the r00d d00ds to hang out. If you're not a r00d d00d then GET AWAY YA DUMB NERD.

    4. Server Discussion

      Discuss anything about our game servers.

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