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  3. Your mind will be blooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown.
  4. Oy vey, it's a jewish spy! Put it down, put it down!
  5. nice cat
  6. Hey guys, I just got a new cat. It likes to stand a lot.
  7. Thank you for the application, we'll be in touch within the next couple of days
  8. #1: Bjorn Leoan #2: USA #3: HeadStoker Leaon | The one with a chock board that says "Ready to program" for a mood #4: None #5: 2 days #6: I'm insane with redstone, programming, and plugins. I love this server and I want to contribute more, so thats why I thought to apply. I once created a minigame entirely with redstone. You were split into 2 different teams and received a potion. Every 5-10 sec you would get a new potion. What this potions did was they spawned in structures for your team. and summoned fireballs which you could throw at each other. I made this entirely by myself. Sadly the world got deleted and I cannot get pictures. I have a lot of experience with plugins because I actually made my own server, but sadly the subscription ended. I never intend to restart that server though. I know a lot about essentials, world edit, multiverse, pex, and much more. I created/programmed my own social media for my robotics club, and I programmed a website for my brothers youtube. I am fluent in hTML, CSS, java, php, and javascript. #7: Minecraft Server
  9. Age:16 Skype: Zusya Brodskiy From: I live in united states and I was born there. How much time I played on your server: 10 min I'm applying for hostility server. Why I'm applying: I'm applying because I want to help this server run smoothly ban hackers make this server famous. My full name: Zusya Brodskiy
  10. There are ranks in Hostility (no shit), and it's kind of important you know what they are and what powers they have (if any!), so let's get started. Chancellor The MOST important rank is Chancellor. Those special ones who belong to the Chancellor group have all powers, and the final say of anything that goes on and are basically the head peeps on Hostility. Schutzstaffel The Schutzstaffel are the secret agents in a way and in most cases are what other people might call the "admins". This is a no nonsense rank, and is only given to the ones who can be trusted. They have power over all other staff apart from the Chancellors, and mainly stick to keeping control of the back-end and the behind the scenes of Hostility. Staff Members This is just a normal staff rank. This includes various titles such as: Manager: these are the people who manage the game servers Admins: the ones who administrate the game servers, things like plugins, other technical stuff and commanding the staff teams. Moderators: Moderators are the ones who moderate the servers, things like helping players, keeping the chat clean and enforcing the rules of Hostility. Veterans: Veterans are members who have been with Hostility since the start, like many of our members or have at least been a member for more than two years. They don't have any special powers, it's just a title to thank them for being with us, and they are very highly respected amongst the staff. This rank can only be given to you by a Chancellor. Members: Members are all you lovelies and wonderful people who make Hostility what it is. It is simply a default rank for everyone and anyone because we are all Members of Hostility! These are the ranks of Hostility, and yes they are in order in case you were wondering
  11. This is just a format and a self-test for applying for staff. Please note that anyone applying must have Skype! #1 *Full name: #2 *Country #3 *Skype: #4 SteamID: #5 *How much time have you spent on our servers. We can check, you know? #6 *Reason for applying? What do you think you can do that no one else can? #7 *Which server are you applying for?
  12. Yo ho all is swell at the Joe schmoe

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