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  1. #1: Bjorn Leoan #2: USA #3: HeadStoker Leaon | The one with a chock board that says "Ready to program" for a mood #4: None #5: 2 days #6: I'm insane with redstone, programming, and plugins. I love this server and I want to contribute more, so thats why I thought to apply. I once created a minigame entirely with redstone. You were split into 2 different teams and received a potion. Every 5-10 sec you would get a new potion. What this potions did was they spawned in structures for your team. and summoned fireballs which you could throw at each other. I made this entirely by myself. Sadly the world got deleted and I cannot get pictures. I have a lot of experience with plugins because I actually made my own server, but sadly the subscription ended. I never intend to restart that server though. I know a lot about essentials, world edit, multiverse, pex, and much more. I created/programmed my own social media for my robotics club, and I programmed a website for my brothers youtube. I am fluent in hTML, CSS, java, php, and javascript. #7: Minecraft Server